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Our Iboga for sale are the shavings of the barks, of the roots of the tabernanthe iboga plant. The tabernanthe iboga plant is a shrub that grows only in central african countries of Gabon, Cameroon and Congo. It has powerful, psychedelic and medicinal properties found in it's root barks. Our iboga for sale is gotten from the roots of at least 10 year old trees found deep in the forest of the of South Cameroon. We only get the root bark from the iboga plant and make sure that the plant stays alive so it is sustainable.

Consuming our iboga root bark for sale:

Our iboga root bark for sale can be consumed directly by ingesting or it could be ground into iboga root bark powder before consuming, where it can be encapsulated in capsules and swallowed to evade the bitter taste. A large dose of Iboga root bark is consumed as a rite of passage and smaller quantities are taken for healing ceremonies and hunting traditionally by the bwiti people. Small doses of iboga root bark of about 5 grams act as a stimulant, aphrodisiac, while huge doses of iboga root barks that could be about 1kg for spiritual exploration, psycho therapeutic healing, rapid physical detoxification, and addiction recovery. Promising results have also appeared in the treatment of a number of other conditions including Parkinson’s disease. Many Iboga treatment centers have found that too much iboga root bark needs to be taken for a full experience. Consuming such a huge quantity of plant bark can be quite difficult. In Bwiti initiation ceremony, doses as high as 1 kilogram of iboga root bark have been consumed throughout the ceremony. This is the maximum dose observed, and different suppliers of iboga root barks have different philosophies about exact doses, a typical therapeutic dose of our iboga root bark for sale ranges from 5 to 100 grams, depending on the person and the treatment goal, but eating a large quantity of fibrous plant matter like our iboga for sale can make anyone nauseous. Iboga root bark last long in the body, taking about 72 hours to a week at times to finally get out of the system.

Side effects of our Iboga root bark for sale:

After consuming our iboga root bark it, can cause physical discomfort, vomiting, nausea, and bowel irritation, but this purging is an important spiritual component of the iboga experience(especially in rituals). Another drawback of iboga root bark is that the amount of active chemicals can vary widely between species or even between individual plants. This makes it hard to administer an amount that’s in the therapeutic window and not too strong or too weak. But we advice our customers purchasing our iboga root bark for sale to micro-dose it and see the physical and psychological effects to better know what their full dose could be. Iboga root bark is best for customers seeking a spiritual experience , they would appreciate what is seen as a direct communication with the Bwiti “tree of life.” An overdose of iboga root bark for sale can lead to death, but this has a higher possibility of occurring in people with medical complications, especialy heart conditions.


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Ibogaine for sale
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Our Ibogaine HCl for sale is a concentrate of the ibogaine alkaloid found in iboga root bark, It is composed of 99.99 percent ibogaine . Ibogaine is the most researched compound found in iboga root barks. And it is popular for its therapeutic effect on the body. Ibogaine can also be gotten from the Vocanga plant but our ibogaine for sale is from the tabernanthe iboga root bark. Ibogaine can appear as white crystals or brown powder or in the form of a clear solution depending on how it is extracted and want to be stored.

Our ibogaine for sale appears as brown, we choose to extract it this way to make it easy to ship without suspicions or complications.

Consuming our Ibogaine HCl for sale:

Ibogaine HCl doses of about 15-20 mg/kg (so as high as 1400 mg for a 150 lb individual) are typical for addiction treatment. Many ibogaine treatment centers have had excellent results using ibogaine HCl, especially with strong opiate addiction as it can completely eliminates withdrawal. Pure ibogaine HCl can simply be ingested throught the mouth, or encapsulated to prevent the sharp bitter taste of the ibogaine. Our ibogaine for sale has been extracted to compose of 99% pure ibogaine this makes it controlable both clinically and individually as it does not contain the other varied unresearched compounds found in iboga root barks and iboga TA. Our Ibogaine for sale passes through your system more quickly, in about 14-24 hours, leaving less of an “afterglow” than iboga. This also means that it has a shorter recovery period, which is more in line with what some individuals need. Our Pure ibogaine for sale tends to lead to more hyperactivity afterward, whereas our iboga for sale results in a more balanced state. Ibogaine is one of eleven active compounds or more compounds found in the various iboga species. Some compounds like tabernanthine still been researched is showing that it has similar active properties to ibogaine, but others are still being studied. The advantage with pure ibogaine is you know exactly what you’re getting everytime. Our bodies also metabolize ibogaine into noribogaine, a metabolite produced in the liver, which is responsible for some therapeutic effects of ibogaine.These makes our ibogaine for sale the most effective drug in treating opiate addiction, cocaine addiction, cigarette addiction , alcohol addiction etc.

On the other hand, the true therapeutic value of iboga root bark could come from another chemical, or even interactions between multiple chemicals, which is the case for ayahuasca. The traditional benefits of iboga may be lost along with the hundreds or thousands of additional compounds you may be missing out on. One Bwiti shaman who personally tested our ibogaine for sale expresses that though the refined ibogaine may have medical benefist, it is lacking the iboga plant spirit that is responsible for the deeper spiritual healing work. He stressed that it is important to understand the traditional ways of working with this plant spirit in order to access the full potential of the medicine. This may be an important point to consider for those who value indigenous ways of knowing and healing. Some people have found value in an initial detox with ibogaine followed later by experiences with the Iboga total alkaloid extracts in traditional Bwiti ceremonies.

Side effects of our IBogaine for sale:

Even though dizziness ataxia , vormiting may be common after taking ibogaine HCl, our ibogaine for sale may become very dangerous and possibly lead to death due to its purity and potency. But this is common in individuals with previous medical complications. Cases of death through abnormal heart rate has been reported, we advice you to have medical presence before consuming Ibogaine HCL and most importantly make sure you are healthy.


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Iboga TA for sale
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Our Iboga Total alkaloid extracts, (iboga TA) for sale is a reconciliation of the pros and cons of iboga and ibogaine. It contains most of the active chemicals (or alkaloids) in iboga root bark and still carries most of the psychedelic properties of the iboga root bark. After extraction it appears as clumped brown crystals, which dissolves into a dark liquid. Our iboga TA for sale is composed of about 60 to 70 percent ibogaine.

Consuming our Iboga TA for sale:

A dose of our iboga TA for sale can range from 2 to 5 grams of iboga TA , it is adviseable to microdose and observe the effects and see which dose is right for you. Iboga TA can be simply taken by ingesting it or filling it in capsules so they do not taste the bitterness. When you take iboga TA you get both the effects of ibogaine HCl and Iboga root barks, but the psychoactive experience is more sharper and deeper compared to iboga root barks even though it does not last as long and is not as traditional. While the therapeutic effects of iboga TA is not as potent as that of the ibogaine HCl we have for sale, the ibogaine in the Iboga TA is converted to norribogaine same as with ibogaine HCl. Many Iboga treatment centers prefer it due to both its ease of use and deeper psycho-spiritual experience. Our iboga TA passes through the system in about 24-36 hours, and it has a slower onset. More research is still needed on the other active ingredients, but anyone who is seeking the full experience of an iboga journey with less of the physical difficulty that comes with iboga root barks may benefit from our Iboga TA for sale.

Iboga TA also works in treating drug addiction , depression, PTSD (Only mature iboga plants (minimum of seven years old) will create Iboga TA medicine potent enough to provide a drug detox.) and can be more useful than Ibogaine alone since Iboga TA has been used for treating pain, Iboga TA can be an alternative to morphine and other narcotics that have the potential to cause respiratory problems, depression as well as addiction.

Side effects of our Iboga TA for sale:

To lower the risk of adverse medical events, Iboga TA may require total abstinence from some harmful or contraindicated drugs for a period of 2 to 4 weeks before taking Iboga TA even though it still has its side effects, which are limpness, dizziness, at times nausea and vormiting. These can last for days, depending on your tolerance or dosage. But iboga TA passes through your body in 24 to 36 hours.

Ibogaine for sale, Iboga root barks for sale, Iboga TA for sale

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Which Iboga product Is Right for Me?

As we collect more anecdotes and research about iboga and ibogaine treatment, we will find which is best suited to a given individual and given addictions. With more research on the chemicals of iboga, personalized cocktails of iboga alkaloids could be created to acomplish specific purposes. But for now If you are experiencing strong opiate addiction and withdrawal, pure ibogaine may be best for you due to its reputation for completely eliminating addiction withdrawal. If you are seeking a full psycho-spiritual experience, you may want to go for Ibogaine alkaloid extract. If you value the wisdom of generations of healers, and you are ready to undergo discomfort for your journey, iboga root bark itself may be the best choice for you.

How to preserver our Iboga/ibogaine for sale

Ibogaine and iboga are better kept sealed in a cool dark place. Keep it dry with desiccant packs especially Iboga root bark so it doesn't go moldy.

How to preserve our Iboga TA for sale.

For Iboga alkaloid extract A you can put in a baggy and put in the fridge, even leaving it out of the fridge in a bag would be fine.

Legal Disclaimer:

We do not encourage or condone the use of ibogaine where it is against the law. However, we accept that illegal drug use occurs, and believe that offering responsible harm reduction information is imperative to keeping people safe, However persons who purchases ibogaine or other products through our website or othef channels should have appropriate knowledge on its dosing or better still consult a clinic. We do not encourage using this drug outside of a legal, traditional or medical context. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that components of ibogaine are allowed in your country. Anyone choosing to access this website is fully responsible for making sure that the products and information are legal within their own country. Use of this website may only be used at the customer’s own risk.

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