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Get IbogaineBuy Iboga and Ibogaine with Shipping Available Worldwide in 2022.
Buy Iboga and Ibogaine with Shipping Available Worldwide in 2022.


Although ibogaine has a unique ability to treat addiction and withdrawal, it is illegal in the United States. Most users who wish to buy it will find it impossible within the United States. The only option by which a US citizen can get ibogaine for sale would be to travel to a country where the substance is legal and use it in a treatment center there or at home. Nevertheless, getibogaine has been shipping iboga products to some of its numerous clients in the US making sure the terms and conditions of delivery concerning the legality of iboga in the US were well-read and understood by the clients. These terms and conditions make mention of the legality of iboga in that country. More over there  are some few states in the US ( Detroit,Massachusetts,Northampton,Seattle city, Somervile,Cambridge,Denver) that have already decreminaised psychedelics ibogaine included.

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Shipment Time

Getibogaine is proud of itself for being the fastest and most reliable supplier of iboga products. Partnering with DHL and having an account with DHL that permits us to deliver no matter the destination. Using DHL, GETIBOGAINE ships within 3-7 days max no matter the destination. DHL is the best means for delivery because of its flexibility, discretion, and fast.

Shipment Tracking:

Buy Iboga and Ibogaine with Shipping Available Worldwide in 2022.

When a shipment has been done, clients will receive the shipment receipts via email or any other source. It is your responsibility to follow up on the instructions regarding tracking and delivery.

We provide you with a tracking number for our clients, which means the parcel is traceable at any level. It also enables customers to track their parcels online.

Shipment Cost

Getibogaine makes it affordable for every client purchasing ibogaine. We always advise customers to go for fast shipping within 3 days which is done through DHL and it cost about USD 65.

Delivery cost

  • 0kg – 0.5 kg = $65
  • 5 – 1kg =$85
  • 1kg-2kg = $100
  • 2 kg and above 150$  and we complete the rest.

The parcel is shipped from Cameroon through DHL express services and will take a maximum of 3-7 days to be delivered worldwide.

Buy Iboga and Ibogaine with Shipping Available Worldwide in 2022.