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Get IbogaineElion Musk talks about Psychedelics

Elion Musk on Psychedelics.

Let’s take a deep dive into what Elon Musk thinks about psychedelics. Why it matters and the different types of psychedelics you should know.

Elion musk talks about psychedelics

Psychedelics Effectiveness

There has been a lot of talk about psychedelics and how helpful they can be in the treatment of addiction, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and depression but so much research is still being carried out by top research institutes around the world on their effectiveness.

Tech giant Elion Musk on Twitter was involved in a conversation recently which involved psychedelics and was contributing to a comment stating that “psychedelics and MDMA (methylenedioxy-methylamphetamine) can make a real difference to mental health, especially for extreme depression and PTSD. We should take this seriously”. Musk replied. Cybin’s CEO Doug Drysdale had made another comment on the 2.5 trillion dollars cost of mental health and what the pharmacoeconomic impact these psychedelics could be.

This is not the first time that the Tesla billionaire is talking about psychedelics as he joins a long list of top celebrities to talk about these supplements.

Types of Psychedelics

Tabernanthe Iboga

One of the most popular psychedelics is ibogaine a supplement extracted from the iboga plant.

Tabernanthe iboga is a shrub native to Central West Africa traditionally used in rites of passage and healing ceremonies. Its main alkaloid is ibogaine, which has been used since the 1960s for the treatment of addictions. Iboga is effective in reducing addiction severity,

 eliminating the withdrawal syndrome associated with opioid use, and reducing the compulsive desire to consume a wide variety of drugs.  The iboga experience can facilitate a deep review of one’s personal history and current situation as well as modification of behavior and perceived role in family and society.

Tabernanthe iboga

The root bark of the iboga plant has played a fundamental role in rites of passage and healing ceremonies of many tropical African cultures.  The plant is used in Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Zaire( Democratic Republic of Congo), and especially in Gabon by the pygmy people, as well as the Fang and Mitsogo Bwiti cultures. Etymologically, “Bwiti” is roughly translated as “ancestor” or “dead”, but may originate from the word “Mbouiti”, the accurate name for the pygmy people located between Gabon and Zaire ( Democratic Republic of Congo).

Traditionally, iboga is used in Bwiti adolescent rites of passage or healing ceremonies for both men and women, separately. The ritual surrounding iboga lasts five days and as the individual undergoes a process of rebirth,  carefully guided by the community through the performance of a series of rituals in which many people take part; a symbolic death of the adolescent or evil gives way to the birth of the adult or healthy person.


Other psychedelics include


Also called diviner’s or seer’s sage but commonly referred to as salvia, Salvia Divinorum is a plant in the mint family.

  • Cultivated in Mexico
  • Treat anemia, rheumatism, head or stomach aches, and diarrhea. It has also been used to relieve digestion, menstrual cramps, and eczema.
  • Leaves can be ingested, chewed or extracted, and smoked.
  • Salvinorin A, the psychoactive ingredient, may induce body warmth, hallucinogenic or dissociative states, memory recollection, visions of geometric shapes or dream-like landscapes, spiritual experiences, changes in perception and mood, and create sensations of pressure, floating, merging with objects, and being pulled, twisted, or flipped. 
Elion musk talks about psychedelics
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Also known as Anadenanthera peregrina

  • used by indigenous Native American and Mexican groups for healing. 
  • The active ingredient in peyote is a psychedelic compound called mescaline and may induce nausea, vomiting, increased body temperature, hallucinations, impaired motor function, euphoria, and anxiety. Effects are felt two hours after consumption and last up to 12 hours.
  • Peyote has been used to treat fevers, joint pain, fractures, paralysis, and skin & snakebite wounds.


Elion musk talks about psychedelics

Also known as mescaline cactus or mescal buttons, Lophophora williamsii


Elion musk talks about psychedelics

Also known as Anadenanthera peregrina

  • Ayahuasca induces visual, audial, and emotional hallucinations. Mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual effects are felt as soon as 30 minutes and up to eight hours after consumption.
  • Users report treating immune diseases, chronic fatigue, cancer, trauma, grief, alcohol or smoking addictions, sleep disorders, and other terminal illnesses.
  • Ayahuasca is typically offered as part of a ceremony in Amazonian countries such as Peru.

Legality of psychedelics

It is worth noting most of these psychedelics are illegal in the united states like ibogaine which is a Schedule 1 substance whereas in countries like Mexico, South Africa and New Zealand this psychedelic is being used to treat diseases like addiction, PTSD and depression.


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