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• I can’t express enough how awesome…

I can’t express enough how awesome is! They exceeded my expectations by 1000 percent and the customer service is amazing! If you’re struggling from addiction look no further! Ibogaine works! I would do it over and over and over again if I had to! Thank you so much for saving my life!

• I've purchased all 3 products from…

I’ve purchased all 3 products from these guys, great stuff. At first, I was turned off by the color, but that’s all explained on the website on why do that. (White = negative stigma). They’re smart and respond quickly. I will be a returning customer.

• This is the absolute BEST place to deal…

This is the absolute BEST place to deal with all around!!! The products have always been GREAT and I’ve never once had a single complaint or issue and nothing but positive good stuff to say about this company! If you’re looking for good quality iboga then THIS IS the right place to order from! I am a loyal customer for life!

• Super informative.

Super informative, responsive, 100% real, fast shipping, great people.
I went to a clinic in Mexico for Ibogaine treatment some time ago, saved my life, wanted to microdose once in a while to maintain my sobriety (if needed) and guys here were super understanding, instructed me on how to go about it, and a few days later received my miracle powder. Thank you! I’m from Chicago.

• At first, I believed this was a scam.

At first, I believed this was a scam. But to my shock, once it kicked in I did have an incredible experience and it was very genuine. I remember most of it. I did my research. Just be patient don’t rush and let iboga clear your mind.