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About Getibogaine

We are the cheapest and most reliable place to buy Ibogaine online, and we take pleasure in informing the general public about the iboga plant and its products.

About Getibogaine


etibogaine is a product of LJS GROUP CO LTD. A conglomerate company that is into e-commerce and marketing company, created in the year 2020. The company is based in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, It has its head office on the last floor in the Ntarikon building, adjacent to FOKOU Bonaberi.

Getibogaine became functional in 2019. Here at Getibogaine, we are dedicated to providing our customers top-quality iboga products ranging from the iboga root barks, iboga TA and Ibogaine HCL. We have a well-equipped chemical laboratory where all our extractions are done by our well-trained laboratory technicians. We do all the iboga extractions and transformations following strictly the standard protocol so as to get the best result i.e., iboga extracts.

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Our Vision


e have a mission to help all those suffering from addictions in all their forms and wish to be free. We provide advice on how you can self-medicate to get cured of your addictions. Touching and changing as many lives as possible.

Modes of Operation


Mostly using digital marketing, most of our operations is carried out using our various social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. here when a client makes contact and expresses his desire to purchase any of our iboga products (iboga root barks, TA, and Ibogaine HCL), we immediately engage in communication trying to find out the reason for purchase so as to know how to better orientate the client on the various modes of use. Once this is done, we ask for payment to be done either through bitcoins, PayPal, bank transfer, western union, RIA, etc.

How did we start/our story?


Around February 2018, after long research on the various uses and benefits of Tabernanthe iboga, the conception came and the project kicked start. It took a lot of learning and findings and also a lot of talking with other people already dealing with the medicinal plant for me to finally decide to engage in the processing and supply of the magic plant Tabernanthe iboga.

After a while, I started receiving orders from people around the world requesting medicinal plants for not only medicinal purposes but also for spiritual purposes. What started as a solo journey, turned out to be a journey of over 10 people on my team.

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