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We pride ourselves as one of the most affordable iboga stores online, with our number one priority being to educate the masses on the benefits of the iboga plant and its by-products. Learn more About Get Ibogaine

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The Story About Get Ibogaine

Getibogaine is a product of LJS GROUP CO LTD. A conglomerate company that is into e-commerce and digital marketing. Created in 2020, Getibogaine became functional in 2019. when the company was based in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the iboga products industry. We are a group of enthusiastic individuals who are all professionals in their fields. Get Ibogaine Team is prominent in shaping the future of Addiction. One of our goals is to give our consumers worldwide high-quality Iboga.

Additionally, we do our best to differentiate ourselves from fraudsters. Our vision motivates us, and as we grow, we focus all our resources and abilities on reaching out to more people and impacting as many as possible.

About Get Ibogaine
Get Ibogaine IT Center

We at Getibogaine are committed to offering our customers high-quality iboga products, including iboga root bark, iboga TA, and ibogaine HCL. All of our extractions are performed in our well-equipped chemical laboratory by our skilled laboratory specialists.

To obtain the finest outcome, iboga extracts, we do all iboga extractions and transformations strictly in accordance with the established protocol.

Our mission is to assist anyone who has depression, PTSD, anxiety, or an addiction of any kind and wants to be free.


We give guidance on how you can treat your addictions through self-medication. impacting and altering the lives of as many people as possible.


A word from the Founder

Hi, my name is Julius, around February 2018, after a long research on the various uses and benefits of Tabernanthe iboga, the concept came and the project kicked start.

It took a lot of learning and findings and also a lot of talking with other people already dealing with the medicinal plant for me to finally decide to engage in the processing and supply of the magic plant Tabernanthe iboga.

After a while, I started receiving orders from people around the world requesting medicinal plants for not only medicinal purposes but also for spiritual purposes. What started out as a solo journey turned out to be a journey of over 10 people on my team.

Modes Of Operation

Mostly using digital marketing, most of our operations are carried out using our various social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Here, when a client makes contact and expresses their desire to purchase any of our iboga products (iboga root barks, TA, and Ibogaine HCL), we immediately engage in communication to try to find out the reason for purchase so as to know how to better orientate the client on the various modes of use.

Once payment is affected, based on the quantity requested, the product will be packaged in polystyrene bags and shipped to the client to be delivered within 3-14 days to the exact address communicated to us by the client.

After delivery, we communicate the tracking number to the client for follow-up of the parcel together with us to ensure that delivery is done.

After delivery and subsequent use of the product, we do an after-sale follow-up to find out from the client what his experience was and if their expectations were met.

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