Iboga TA Extract

Our Iboga TA Extracts (iboga TA) are for sale to balance the benefits and drawbacks of iboga with ibogaine. It has the majority of the psychedelic characteristics of iboga root bark and most of the active compounds (or alkaloids) that are present. Brown crystals clumped together are what is left after extraction. The amount of ibogaine in our iboga TA for sale is roughly 45%.



Consuming Our Iboga TA For Sale

A dose of our iboga TA extract for sale can range from 2 to 5 grams of iboga TA, it is advisable to microdose and observe the effects and see which dose is right for you. Iboga TA can be simply taken by ingesting it or filling it in capsules so they do not taste the bitterness. When you take iboga TA you get both the effects of ibogaine HCL and Iboga root barks, but the toxic experience is sharper and deeper compared to iboga root barks even though it does not last as long and is not as traditional.

While the therapeutic effects of iboga TA are not as potent as that of the ibogaine HCL that we have for sale, the ibogaine in the Iboga TA is converted to norribogaine same as with ibogaine HCL. Many Iboga treatment centers prefer it due to both its ease of use and deeper spiritual experience.

Our iboga TA passes through the system in about 24-36 hours, and it has a slower onset. More research is still needed on other active ingredients, but anyone seeking the full experience of an iboga journey with less of the physical difficulty that comes with iboga root barks may benefit from our Iboga TA for sale.


iboga ta for sale
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Side Effects Of Iboga TA

We know you've probably heard some scary things about iboga TA. But don't worry—we're here to help you understand what's going on and make sure that you're prepared for your trip!

After consuming our iboga TA, it can cause physical discomfort, vomiting, nausea, and bowel irritation. This purging is an important spiritual component of the iboga experience for many people (especially in rituals).

So if it's going to happen anyway, why not be prepared? Here are some things you can do before taking iboga TA:


  • Drink lots of water. Iboga TA is a dehydrating agent, so staying hydrated will help keep your body healthy while also helping with nausea or vomiting.
  • Eat lightly before taking the drug—it’ll be better for your stomach and help with nausea too!


Some people use iboga TA in rituals or ceremonies to purify their bodies and minds. In these settings, purging may be considered a significant spiritual component of the experience.