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How getibogaine is growing the Iboga Plant,

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The Mysteries of the Iboga Plant (Podcast)

In many tropical African societies, the root bark of the iboga plant is used in rites of passage and healing ceremonies.

The plant is used in Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Zaire(Democrat Republic of Congo), and especially in Gabon by the pygmy people, as well as the Fang and Mitsogo Bwiti cultures.

An in-depth analysis of one’s past and present circumstances, as well as changes in behavior, and perceptions of one’s place in the family and society, can all be facilitated by an ibogaine experience.

But first, what is the iboga plant?

The plant Tabernanthe iboga, which is native to Central West Africa, is employed in rites of passage and healing rituals.

Ibogaine is its principal alkaloid, used since the 1960s for the treatment of addictions

Iboga is very effective in reducing addiction severity, eliminating the withdrawal syndrome associated with opioid use, and reducing the compulsive desire to consume a wide variety of drugs.

The Bwiti Tradition

Etymologically, “Bwiti” is roughly translated as “ancestor” or “dead”, but may originate from the word “Mbouiti”,

the accurate name for the pygmy people located between Gabon and Zaire ( Democratic Republic of Congo).

Traditionally, iboga is used in Bwiti adolescent rites of passage or in healing ceremonies for both individuals

The ritual surrounding iboga lasts five days and as the individual undergoes a process of rebirth,

They are carefully guided by the community through the performance of a series of rituals which many people take part in.

A symbolic death of an adolescent or of evil gives way to the birth of an adult or healthy person.

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Iboga Chemical Composition

After taking a look at everything, let’s discuss the chemical makeup and dosage of iboga.

The root bark of Tabernanthe iboga contains the alkaloids ibogaine,

ibogaline and ibogamine in approximate proportions of 80%, 15%, and 5%, respectively.

Recent studies have uncovered crucial new properties, including iboga’s stimulating effects on energy metabolism.

And according to Professor Dorit Ron of Israel, ibogaine stimulates the synthesis and release of neurotrophins, which helps the nerve pathways to regenerate and the brain to reorganize.

Ibogaine in modern society has had a mixed reception from different countries for numerous reasons.

Howard Lotsof

Let’s talk about the founder of Iboga

In 1962, Howard Lotsof, a young man from New York with heroin dependency, along with six other heroin-dependent friends,  conducted an experiment.

They ingested ibogaine and the next day, six of the seven friends stopped using heroin, since they had no withdrawal syndrome or desire to consume it.

In the following years, efforts to ensure that ibogaine would be considered a valid alternative for the treatment of opiate addiction obtained little response

Iboga and the Law

NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) developed a 4000-page Drug Master File (DMF), including 16 volumes of pre-clinical studies.

 In 1993, the FDA approved a Phase 1 clinical trial, which concluded after the first treatment due to patent disputes.

However, in 1995, NIDA decided not to continue supporting ibogaine research, but drug user groups and advocacy organizations promoted its use and made it available to the public in alternative non-clinical settings.

Iboga effects

What potential effects might there be?

ibogaine brings on an introspective experience sometimes described as profound psychotherapy.

An experience with ibogaine is not considered hallucinogenic because the individual is usually aware of where they’re experience is caused by the ingestion of ibogaine and that the visions that one has during the experience are internal projections, although there are exceptions to this.

The Journey…

The initial phase of the experience can often consist of intense visual introspection lasting between 7 and 12 hours

and is often saturated with information that may be experienced more objectively, as an observer, while deeper psychological integration of the content is not accessible.

Over the next 24 hours of experience, the visionary phase ends, and the contents of the experience can be integrated into a cognitive process.

Subsequently, this integration process may continue to develop in daily life for months as the individual re-defines their identity and interpersonal dynamics related to their environment.

The bottom line…

In the past ten years, both the demand from those looking to end drug addiction and the number of treatment facilities has increased dramatically.

There are ibogaine clinics in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, and South Africa, and treatment providers all around the world.

In 2009, New Zealand was the first country in the world to accept ibogaine as a medication.

Organizations promoted its use and made it available to the public in alternative non-clinical settings.

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