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How The Iboga Extract (Ibogaine) Can Treat Heroin Opioid Addiction
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Iboga from mature Iboga trees, Our Lab is Fully equipped for Ibogaine Processing & Evaluation



Iboga root barks for sale are the Sun-dried vertical shavings of Iboga root barks, gotten From +10 years old Tabernanthe iboga trees with an estimated 4.8% ibogaine composition. Buy Iboga root barks from $4.50 US dollars per gram for 20 grams to $1,500.00 US dollars for a kilogram.

It appears as brownish-yellow root barks. It can be ground into iboga root barks powder. It should be stored dry and sealed. To complete your purchase of Iboga root barks you should click on the button below. We would contact you instantly to complete the payment and shipping of your Iboga root barks.

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Iboga Total Alkaloid Extract for sale is the extract of the ibogaine alkaloid, mixed with other unresearched compounds found in Iboga root bark responsible for its psychedelic properties. It is extracted from Iboga Root bark powder, It is composed of an estimated 60-70% ibogaine. It appears as brown clumps.

Buy Iboga TA from $80 US dollars per gram for 1 gram, to 53 US dollars per gram for 10 grams. It is best stored sealed and in dry conditions. To complete your purchase of Iboga TA you should click on the link below. We would contact you instantly to complete the payment and shipping of your Iboga TA.

Iboga Total alkaloid extracts |
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Which of these Products is right for me?

As we collect more anecdotes and research about iboga and ibogaine treatment, we will find which is best suited to a given individual and given addictions

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Iboga Root Bark

Our iboga root bark for sale can be consumed directly by ingesting or it could be ground into iboga root bark powder before consuming, where it can be encapsulated in capsules and swallowed to evade the bitter taste...

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Iboga TA

A dose of our iboga TA for sale can range from 2 to 5 grams of iboga TA , it is adviseable to microdose and observe the effects and see which dose is right for you. Iboga TA can be simply taken by ingesting ...

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Ibogaine HCL

Ibogaine HCl doses of about 15-20 mg/kg (so as high as 1400 mg for a 150 lb individual) are typical for addiction treatment ...

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Ibogaine Capsules

Iboga root bark and ibogaine capsules is the best for addiction. If you suffering from addiction of alcohol, heroin, cocaine, mephedrone, Ibogaine capsules is the best we recommend for you

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Ibogaine For Sale

Buy Iboga root barks from $4.50 US dollars per gram for 20 grams to $1,500 US dollars for a kilogram. It appears as brownish-yellow root barks.

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Code Hyperion
Code Hyperion
Excellent customer service and speedy delivery. Highly recommended
Louis H
Louis H
Simple and personable ordering process. I have been reading a lot about the unique benefits of Iboga, and I had some questions which were answered well. Julius helped me pick the best option for what I was looking for and on my budget. Delivered on time and intact.
Amanda Cotter
Amanda Cotter has exceeded my expectations! They truly care about their clients and helping them overcome addiction. They are doing Gods work! If you’re struggling from addiction look no further! Ibogaine works! It’s the only thing that has helped me overcome my fentanyl addiction! Thank you so much for saving my life!
Scott Dickinson
Scott Dickinson
Julius was very helpful and knowledgeable about his product. And it shipped in the exact amount of time that he stated he was Always available to answer questions, and willing to go the extra mile. So far so great! We will report back once the treatment has been done.
Comical Cosmo
Comical Cosmo
I normally don't leave reviews, but these guys are awesome. Expect quick responses and excellent quality.
Teresa Castillo
Teresa Castillo
Omg!! After dealing with fake suppliers I was very happy to purchase & receive actual dhl tracking! Receive my package wi 5dys! Great product fast service yes! I am referring recommending and returning to buyibogaine Bc they r helpful knowledgeable, and will go the mile to assist u when needed! Ty so very much!!
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