Best Iboga Treatment Centers and Cost

Best Ibogaine Treatment Centers And Services | causes of addiction

Best Iboga Treatment Centers and Cost

What to Expect from an Iboga Treatment Center

Any experienced and up-to-standard Ibogaine clinic will meet all the above-mentioned conditions. Having a seasoned medical staff and an expert medical emergency …A reasonably medically supervised Ibogaine treatment cost is between 5,000 and 10,000 USD.

The cost takes into account the medical staff, resort-style accommodations, private room and board, and all medication costs (including the cost of Ibogaine). 

“Having a medically centered Ibogaine treatment program is vital to patient safety.” Anything lower than this, and the risks associated with Ibogaine become substantially higher.

In almost every case, Iboga treatment centers with a cost cheaper than what is mentioned are putting patients in danger.

They often have little to no experienced medical staff, inadequate medical equipment, or, in some cases, no medical staff or equipment at all.

The medical aspect of Ibogaine treatment is the most important. However, there are also many other factors to consider when choosing the right Ibogaine treatment program for you.

Ibogaine treatment protocols were developed in the 90s by the top scientific minds from ICEERS and GITA—scientific foundations who pioneered Ibogaine treatment for addiction.

And should also follow the guidelines of the Global Ibogaine Alliance, Administering Ibogaine is often the easiest part.

Pre-screening of applicants, as well as the experience of the medical staff in emergency training and response, are the most important components of an Ibogaine treatment center.

Having a seasoned medical staff and an expert medical emergency response doctor available during every Ibogaine treatment should be the priority of any center you consider.

Best Ibogaine treatment centers

1. Best Ibogaine treatment centers

Location:Calle Circuito Puerta del Mar 15 Col., Puerta del Mar Rosarito, Baja California 22711
Price: 5,000 USD – 7,000 USD 

At Experience Ibogaine Clinic, they offer safety-centered Ibogaine treatment in luxury, ocean-view settings. 

Located in a private, gated community just minutes south of the San Diego border Experience Ibogaine provides top-of-the-line housing accommodations to all of our guests including private rooms cleaned daily, healthy, fresh cuisine prepared by a certified chef, access to a hot tub, sauna, entertainment, and more.

2. Baja Iboga Treatment Center

Location: Rosarito, Mexico 

Price: From 4500 USD – 6500 USD  

The Baja Ibogaine Center is located in Rosarito Beach and their staff has over 20 years combined experience in the safe and effective administration of Ibogaine, having managed and supervised more than 750 administrations of the medicine with not one complication. 

Their facility itself includes a billiards table, X-Box, Direct Satellite Television, Gym, Shiatsu Water Massage, Sauna, Professional Masseuse, Jacuzzi, four-wheelers (ATVs) for off-road and beach adventures, and jet skis with access via the nearby private beach. 

Upon arrival, the patient goes through an initial intake. Medical and psychological questions are answered and a physical exam is given. Medications are also prescribed so the patient will have no withdrawals, cravings, or discomfort before treatment.

The patient will have lab tests, full blood tests, a liver panel, and an EKG and the cardiologist provide medical clearance.

3. Premier Holistic Iboga Treatment Center

Location: Rosarito, Baja California
Price: Minimum price of 50, 000 USD a month 

Crack – Meth – Heroin – Benzos – Oxycontin – Cocaine – Alcohol – Suboxone – Methadone PTSD, Depression, Trauma, and Alcoholism. 

They don’t just treat addiction but also Repair the immune system holistically with their Pouyan Method, which is 9 hours of holistic healing therapy per day daily hour of massage therapy daily hour of yoga therapy daily 3-5 hours of IV drips therapy daily carbon sauna therapy daily green coffee colonic enemas daily HBOT therapy daily reiki therapy sessions daily salt bath therapy daily superfood juices, superfood shots, superfood protein shakes 3-5 Sacred plant medicine ceremonies

4. Avante Ibogaine Treatment Center

Location: Nassau, Bahamas
Price: Minimum price of 25, 000 USD fixed 

Located in a Peaceful and private oceanfront location within a resort environment is the ideal therapeutic setting for personal discovery, relaxation, and healing. top-tier clinical protocols are in accordance with GITA Clinical Ibogaine Guidelines & Policies. 

Physicians and Clinicians are all trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). 2:1 Client-to-client-to-nurse ratio is the most individualized treatment available. 

All treatments are Physician supervised and designed to ensure that clients receive optimal one-on-one care in the privacy of their guest room. latest safety technology in cardiac monitoring and pre-screening equipment. private client housing is sparkling clean and thoughtfully appointed for optimized client comfort. 

All clients enjoy their private deluxe and oceanfront rooms, personal therapists, spiritual meditation and yoga sessions, state-of-the-art fitness center, nightly group beachfront bonfires, In-Theatre Movie Library, and Wi-Fi throughout the Center. 

Guests are revitalized with delicious and nutritional non-GMO – lean protein meals prepared in our commercial-grade kitchen. Daily menus include fresh “local catch” seafood dishes accompanied by locally grown organic vegetables. 

Supplemental Nutrients, Cold-Pressed Juice Bar, Electrolyte Therapy, Amino Acid Vitamin & Mineral Blends, and Protein Blasts ensure our guests leave us feeling completely renewed and restored. Rarely does a guest feel a “need” to extend their stay. 

However, for those wishing to relax a little longer before returning home, we offer post-treatment extension rates similar to local resort hotels as well as at our adjacent world-renowned Sivananda Ashram.

5. Clear Sky Recovery Ibogaine Treatment Center

Location: Cancún, Mexico 

Price: Minimum 8000 USD  

Clear Sky’s luxurious, state-of-the-art ibogaine clinic is staffed by an exceptional and experienced team of clinicians, scientists, psychologists, nurses, and support personnel. 

Clear Sky Recovery located approximately 20 minutes north of Cancún International Airport offers a range of reasonably-priced, highly effective ibogaine treatment programs, administered in a safe, supportive, and peaceful environment.

Their detox protocols have constantly evolved to address the ever-changing landscape of addictive substances.

6. Cross Roads Ibogaine Treatment Center

Location: Nassau, The Bahamas

Price:  Unknown

Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center is one of the most reputable ibogaine treatment centers that ever existed. But as of the moment of this article, Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center is now closed to the public and no longer offering treatment.

ibogaine treatment cost

No matter how much the ibogaine treatment cost or how long you decide to stay there you should expect:

  • Complete medical analysis, especially with testing of the heart and liver.
  • A full dosage of Ibogaine with monitoring, and supervision by a Pro Ibogaine practitioner.
  • An after-care plan, in addition to group therapy and recovery sessions.
  • Therapeutic exercises and mental preparation guide.

Ibogaine Treatment centers vary from those offering basic addiction treatment services to those pilling up additional luxury vacation services. 

This post will educate you on the cheapest ibogaine treatment centers to the most expensive ibogaine treatment centers, so you can see which fits your budget for the best services.

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April 14, 2024

Ibogaine is just a blessing from the sky. I am so grateful that I came across it. I have been using it for one month and it has been just an amazing journey. Have I already mentioned that I am grateful? Yes, I truly am. The purchase was easy, and I was guided throughout the process. The product arrived on time and was guided on how to microdose it. I feel balanced in my soul, mind, and body. What a miracle. I believe everybody should know about Ibogaine. I highly recommend it. Everybody should use it. We all need it.

Thank you so much and very grateful.


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