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Frequently asked questions about ibogaine, the plant, purchase, and shipping, iboga root barks, iboga ta, ibogaine HCl, dosage, quality, and many more from getibogaine.com

Do clients who order from getibogaine during the COVID pandemic receive their parcels ? + -

All getibogaine’s products shipped out during the COVID 19 pandemic were delivered to the different clients around the world through DHL.

How successful has getibogaine been in delivering their parcel in countries around the world? + -

As of date, getibogaine.com can boast of a 99.5% success rate in the delivery of its products to its clients around the world, that is in 23 countries on all 7 continents and over 200 customers.

Where does getibogaine obtain its iboga root barks from ? + -

Getibogaine obtains its iboga root barks from the South and East Region of Cameroon.

How legit is getibogaine? + -

Getibogaine is 100% legit proven by the outstanding reviews on trustpilot, we are a registered tax paying company in cameroon operating legally under all laws we are expected to follow. We have more proof for hardened skeptics, just reach out to us.

How to micro dose/flood dose iboga root barks? + -

The recommended dose is as follows;
– Micro dosing – 0.1-2.4g
– Sub flood dose (spiritual exploration)- 0.1-0.3g/kg for female and 0.1-0.4g/kg for male
– Full flood dose (full initiation and drug withdrawal)- 0.2-0.4g/kg for female and 0.3-0.5g/kg for male

How to micro dose/flood dose iboga TA? + -

The recommended dose is as follows;
– Micro dosing – 10-240mg
– Sub flood dose (spiritual exploration)- 10-30mg/kg for female and 10-40mg/kg for male
– Full flood dose (full initiation and drug withdrawal)- 20-50mg/kg for female and 30-70mg/kg for male

How to micro dose/flood dose ibogaine HCL? + -

The recommended dose is as follows;
– Micro dosing – 5-120mg
– Sub flood dose (spiritual exploration)- 5-15mg/kg for female and 5-20mg/kg for male Full flood dose (full initiation and drug withdrawal)- 10-25mg/kg for female and 15-35mg/kg for male

Does getibogaine provide quality iboga extracts ? + -

Getibogaine has very qualified Laboratory technicians and a well-equipped laboratory for the extraction of good quality iboga TA and ibogaine HCL.

Which of the iboga products is stronger ? + -

Ibogaine HCL an extract from the iboga root barks stands out to be the strongest and most effective in the treatment of drug addiction.

Do getibogaine ship out ibogaine capsules? + -

We most of the time avoid shipping out capsules because it raises suspicion when going through customs. However, clients can do that by themselves after receiving the ibogaine HCL in its powder form capsule before consuming or better still ingest the required amount in its powder form. Visit our Ibogaine HCL Page to learn how to do that.

Which is preferable Root barks , TA or HCL? + -

For dose experiencing opiate addiction and withdrawals, pure ibogaine HCL may be best due to its reputation for completely eliminating addiction withdrawals. For those seeking psycho-spiritual experience can use TA. For those who value tradition and trust in wisdom of generational healing, iboga root barks will be the best choice.

How long does it take to ship to the USA? + -

Generally, parcel shipped to the USA and other countries around the world take 3-5 days when shipped with DHL express shipping and 7-14 days with regular posting services which are cheaper