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FAQs About Ibogaine

Wondering what is ibogane? We believe these facts about ibogaine will answer all your questions on ibogaine, ibogaine treatment, our shipping and delivery, and more. If you can't find the answer to your question please don't hesitate to contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.

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The Difference between Iboga and Ibogaine
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Frequently Asked Questions on GetIbogaine

Firstly, Getibogaine is 100 percent legitimate, as shown by the excellent reviews on Google My Business and via client testimonials. Also, we are a recognized, tax-paying business in Cameroon that complies with all applicable laws. For weary skeptics, we have further evidence; just get in touch with us.


All of the getibogaine medicines that were shipped during the COVID 19 epidemic were delivered to the various customers throughout the world by DHL. sources its iboga root barks from Gabon and Cameroon’s South and East regions.


To extract high-quality iboga TA and ibogaine HCL, Get Ibogaine has highly trained laboratory experts and a well-stocked lab.


The strongest and most efficient medicine to treat drug addiction is ibogaine HCL, an extract from the bark of the iboga root.


Pure ibogaine HCL, with its reputation for entirely eradicating addiction withdrawals, may be the greatest option for those going through opiate addiction and withdrawals. However, you can use TA if you’re looking for a spiritual encounter. Iboga root barks will be the ideal option for people who cherish tradition and put their faith in the knowledge of generational healing.


Questions and Answers about Ibogaine Uses

Ibogaine is safe for use when taken correctly. Please take note of these few steps before consuming ibogaine.

  1. Stay with a person. Meaning before taking any ibogaine product especially the HCL, always have someone around you.
  2. Do Not Take Ibogaine If You Are Pregnant.
  3. It May Cause hallucinations and visions.
  4. Check That There is A Healthy Supply of Food and Water on Site during the Treatment
  5. People with existing health conditions related to cardio-vascular diseases should consult a medical practitioner before taking ibogaine. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details about this.


The recommended dose is as follows;

  • Micro dosing – 0.1-2.4g.
  • Sub flood dose (spiritual exploration)- 0.1-0.3g/kg for female and 0.1-0.4g/kg for male.
  • Full flood dose (full initiation and drug withdrawal)- 0.2-0.4g/kg for female and 0.3-0.5g/kg for male.


The recommended dose is as follows;

  • Micro dosing – 10-240mg.
  • Sub flood dose (spiritual exploration)- 10-30mg/kg for female and 10-40mg/kg for male.
  • Full flood dose (full initiation and drug withdrawal)- 20-50mg/kg for female and 30-70mg/kg for male.


The recommended dose is as follows;

  • Micro dosing – 5-120mg.
  • Sub flood dose (spiritual exploration)- 5-15mg/kg for female and 5-20mg/kg for male Full flood dose (full initiation and drug withdrawal)- 10-25mg/kg for female and 15-35mg/kg for male.


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Yes! We are pleased to provide shipping options to foreign countries for all of our iboga products.


In general, packages sent to the USA and other countries take 3–7 days when sent via DHL express shipping and 7–14 days when sent by standard, less expensive shipping services. currently boasts a 95% success rate in getting its goods to customers worldwide, including over 1000 clients in 23 countries across all 7 continents.


Because sending capsules causes suspicion while going through customs, we often avoid doing so. Clients can, however, do it on their own after getting the ibogaine HCL in capsule form before ingestion, or even better, consume the necessary amount in powder form.


You will receive a delivery confirmation email with a tracking number once your iboga product has been dispatched. It is your duty to follow the delivery and tracking instructions.


We don’t offer samples at the moment. Along with free return shipping, we guarantee complete client satisfaction. We advise you to test out any of our products you are interested in given our low costs. We are confident you’ll be pleased with the exceptional quality of our iboga solutions.

Orders cannot be canceled after payment has been received, however they can be changed. We are available to assist you if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. We make every effort to ensure that the products we ship are accurate and of the finest quality.

But regrettably, mistakes do occur. Please get in touch with us at [email protected] as soon as you can if you receive a wrong, defective, or insufficient product, and we’ll replace it.


You have 48 hours from the day you got the package to let us know if there was a problem. This is to make sure you qualify for a refund. The thing you’re returning must be undamaged and in the same condition as you got it. Please send your item in its original packing. You must have a receipt or other evidence of purchase for your item. When it comes to product quality, evidence must be provided to demonstrate that the delivered item is of poor quality. You can email us here if you have any queries or concerns.


Frequently Asked Questions on Payment

Payments methods include Paypal, Bitcoin, WorldRemit, CashApp, Zelle, Venmo, Direct Bank Transfer etc.


Sure! Go to our contact us page and you will get every detail on that. 


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