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Product: Iboga TA

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Weight: 8 Grams

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Iboga TA (8g) + Ibogaine HCL (3g)
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Iboga TA 8 grams

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the legendary Iboga TA 8 grams. This is a revolutionary product that delivers the best of nature and science to help you experience a full-spectrum shift in your perception of the world.

This product is extracted from pure Iboga root bark, and the extraction process is carefully monitored to eliminate any contaminants or impurities.

Iboga TA has been designed for both beginners and those wishing to up their dose. Also, this is a purely holistic substance that does not have any negative impact on the body. You’ll experience a host of psychedelic effects, including heightened sensory perception, openness, clarity, and joy. Iboga TA comes in a brownish form.

With Iboga TA, you can enjoy the same benefits as reported with Ibogaine, minus the many risks associated with it.

Take Iboga TA 

  • A spiritual experience that can positively transform your life
  • is guaranteed to give you a full-spectrum shift
  • More confidence in social situations
  • Creative thinking and trusting your intuition
  • A greater understanding of the universe


Iboga TA Ingredients

Our iboga TA product is a high-quality extract that contains an estimated 45% ibogaine, and it appears as chunks or brown clumps of ground brown powder.


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Origin: Central African rainforest

Cultivars: LJS Group

Additional information
Weight 8 g

Benefits of Iboga TA

The ibogaine treatment for addiction is effective for several different types of addiction.
One such example is heroin addiction.

  • Many Iboga treatment centers prefer it due to both its ease of use and deeper psycho-spiritual experience.
  • Iboga TA is a non-addictive and effective way to treat mental health conditions.
  • It can be used to treat problems such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and different types of addictions.
  • Iboga TA can decrease tolerance to heroin.
  • The TA compound reduces your cravings and withdrawal symptoms to a great extent and helps with the effects of cravings, depression, and anxiety.
  • It is used in detoxification centers and allows you to get through the experience more easily.


Iboga TA Components

Our iboga TA product is a high-quality extract that contains an estimated 45% ibogaine and appears as chunks or brown clumps of ground brown powder.

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9 reviews for Iboga TA (8g)

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May 26, 2023

The best! Sent a replacement after I received the wrong order and at their cost immediately. Delivery was literally 2 days to UK and all the way from Africa! (both times)- how is this even possible lol… Cannot recommend these guys enough – extremely professional and went to great lengths to ensure they could be trusted, phone calls, videos, Postage receipts, even offered for me to speak with a client in the UK if needed. If you are on the edge go for it.

Avatar for J.

Response from Get Ibogaine

Dear J.,

We’re thrilled to hear about your positive experience! Your satisfaction is our top priority. We look forward to serving you again soon. Thank you for choosing and trusting GetIbogaine!

October 13, 2022

A one-time pain (my computer froze, had to redo it on the phone.) But now the info’s in my account.

As always, thank you so much– and for what you do for the Bwiti.

I’m beginning to understand that this is more than a simple shrub with medicinal properties. Iboga is ja, is Ra, is YHVH… My Hybrid friend call it, The Source

Avatar for Marc
December 6, 2020

Legitimate and exceeded my expectations. The owner of the site recorded a video for me to prove his authenticity because I had been scammed by another site. it took me a while to decide to go for it but it came very quickly. I was provided with a tracking number and all is well. As for the medicine, well, this is my first time with this plant, but it is working, that is for sure. My thoughts are changing and unnecessary thinking seems to be being unwired. thank you getibogaine.com

Avatar for Stephen
November 17, 2020

I received my order in less than one week. If you can, definitely pay for the rush shipping. The team communicated with me throughout and even followed up within five minutes of delivery arriving to make sure I had everything I needed. They also offered suggestions on dosage and threw in a TON of sample root bark. I would highly recommend doing business with getibogaine.com

Avatar for Joshua swalwell
Joshua swalwell
July 27, 2020

Hello there, I’m writing my review for the gentleman in Africa who helped me with my purchase. I woke up one morning and knew I needed to order ibogaine. I have experienced two flood doses in the past on my own, making the TA from my own root bark, so that is what I have experience with. So onto my review.


I found getibogaine.com simply through searching and, after reading the Trustpilot reviews, I had a very good feeling this was legit. I reached out via WhatsApp and he got back to me right away. I already knew what I wanted to order, which was 2 grams of TA and 1 gram of HCL. I am taking this for the anti-addictive properties, so I wanted enough to do small doses as I needed.

We finished our WhatsApp conversation at 2:50 pm his time(i checked the Africa time, just curious what it was down there), and after I completed my payment, he got it out the same day. Yes, that’s right, this guy went out of his way(however far he had to drive, I can only imagine) and got on it right away and got it out that day. I received tracking, which I could track right away. The product took one week, door to door for me, and that was a real gift. Shipping isn’t too expensive and I believe he tells you on the website what it cos. So he sent it out, I tracked it and received it just on time. This was actually quite incredible considering what it takes to get this stuff from any vendor, typically.

The product

When I received the product, the TA was a darker color, and the HCL was an almost light green. Typically, what you are getting (in this case too) is something like 95% ibogaine with maybe one or two more alkaloids making up the other 5%. That is still fine, and the HCL supposedly has fewer visuals and is less for spiritual development and more for straight addiction-breaking work. either way, the product came in overweight, and it all looked and smelled right( like vinegar, because that is used to extract the alkaloids-TA always smells like vinegar).

Product experience

i wasn’t ready for another flood. One is that it can be dangerous to do it totally on your own, especially without a sitter. My addictive habits aren’t so bad that I need a total reset. if someone has a very strong difficult addiction, then a full flood might make sense. I’ve done that, and for my purposes, it was a bit much.

After contemplating, i decided to take 300mg of TA and 100mg of HCL one morning. to my pleasant surprise, there was nothing scary about this experience. in the past, I’ve taken 1gram of TA and also 2grams of TA on another occasion. 1gram was fine for me, 2gram was not- it was hell.and a hard rest.

i knew i only needed to stay under 1 gram to be safe and not have a hell of a time with it. so the 300mg of TA and 100mg of HCL did me just right it lasted pretty much all day. the most intense of the experience, no matter how much you take at once, is from hour 2-7 during that time you are sensitive to light(so it is better to do at night for this reason, or wear any eyepatch) you might experience some dizzyness and disorientation and your muscles might literally be like jello/weighted down. so you really need to prepare to be immobile during this time so you can just focus on ehats inside. during that time you have the opportunity to “dearm” while iboga does its magic work on your brain. during that time you can/will go into REM sleep, especially with an eye mask over your eyes and earplugs in. i would recommend spending the first several hours lying down in bed with an eyemask on and earplugs in. iboga works bes “during the night” and it is prefereble to start your dose in the evening, but i personally didn’t want any trouble sleeping that night (it has a long half-life) so by taking it early, like 7-8 in the morning on an empty stomach, thet gives me over 12 hours to get through the work and still be able to sleep that might. the time i did 2gram of TA, i could not sleep for two nights straight. Not a wink really. when i did 1gram of TA i was able to sleep that first night around 1 am-even when took it at 5 pm. so anyways, there are different protocols you can follow, but traditional iboga is taken at night because it works best/you dream at night.

So for me, the experience with 300mg TA +100mg of HCL was pretty non-psychoactive, and right now, I really don’t need psychedelics in my life, even though I’ve been entangled and refining my behaviors.

IBOGA stays in your system for a few days. If you have a good experience, you can expext the little “voice” that iboga gives inside of you (which might be a stronger connection to our own subconscious) to stay for a few days. it really is like having a little helper in you as you go about doing your normal life

i have been very happy with my experience and would absolutely recommend him. take care and good luck in your work.

Avatar for Anonymous