The Root Bark of Iboga

Iboga root bark are the shavings of the barks of the roots of the tabernanthe iboga plant. The tabernanthe iboga plant is a shrub that grows naturally only in central African countries of Gabon, Cameroon and Congo.

It has powerful, psychedelic, and medicinal properties found in its root barks. Our iboga for sale is gotten from the roots of at least 15-year-old trees found deep in the forest of South and East Cameroon as well as Gabon. We only get the root bark from the iboga plant and make sure that the plant stays alive so it is sustainable.


Consuming Tabernanthe Roots

Our iboga root bark for sale can be consumed directly by ingesting or it could be ground into iboga root bark powder before consuming, where it can be encapsulated in capsules and swallowed to evade the bitter taste. You can read more about this on our faqs page.

A large dose of Iboga root bark is consumed as a rite of passage and smaller quantities are taken for healing ceremonies and hunting traditionally by the Bwiti people. Small doses of iboga root bark of about 5 grams act as a stimulant, aphrodisiac, while huge doses of iboga root bark of about 10 to 25 grams can be for spiritual exploration, psychotherapeutic healing, rapid physical detoxification, and addiction recovery.

Promising results have also appeared in the treatment of a number of other conditions including Parkinson’s disease. Many Iboga treatment centers have found that too much iboga root bark needs to be taken for a full experience.

Consuming such a huge quantity of plant bark can be quite difficult. In the Bwiti initiation ceremony, doses as high as 100 grams of iboga root bark have been consumed throughout the ceremony. This is the maximum dose observed, and different suppliers of iboga root barks have different philosophies about exact doses, a typical therapeutic dose of our iboga root bark for sale ranges from 5 to 100 grams, depending on the person and the treatment goal, but eating a large quantity of fibrous plant matter like our iboga for sale can make anyone nauseous. Iboga root bark lasts long in the body, taking about 72 hours to a week at times to finally get out of the system.

iboga root bark

Side Effects Of Iboga Shavings

After consuming our iboga root bark it, can cause physical discomfort, vomiting, nausea, and bowel irritation, but this purging is an important spiritual component of the iboga experience(especially in rituals). Another drawback of iboga root bark is that the amount of active chemicals can vary widely between species or even between individual plants.


This makes it hard to administer an amount that’s in the therapeutic window and not too strong or too weak. But we advice our customers purchasing our iboga root bark for sale with the intent to micro-dose it and see the physical and psychological effects to better know what their full dose could be.


Please it should be noted that we do not encourage any customer to do this without a doctor's advice. 


An overdose of iboga root bark for sale can lead to death, but this has a higher possibility of occurring in people with medical complications, especialy heart conditions.

Iboga root bark is best for customers seeking a spiritual experience and also aleviate their mood. They would appreciate what is seen as a direct communication with the Bwiti “tree of life”. It would also act as an aphrodisiac in moderate dose.