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Ibogaine ExperienceThe Truth About Ibogaine Experience

The Truth About Ibogaine Experience

The Truth About Ibogaine Experience

The iboga experience is very difficult to put into words because it’s like trying to describe music or art. iboga confronts you with the truth. When you take a flood dose you are making a commitment to the truth and it will be revealed, along with all your resistances, fears, etc. You meet your soul. Generally, the ceremony is 36 hours and there is no escaping your true being. Prior to the experience itself, you are advised to write down a list of questions you want to be answered.

The iboga experience starts off with incredible insights, things being revealed, and understandings. You can feel iboga entering your mind and cleaning your entire body. Working through old pathways of your mind and correcting things, discarding things, resetting things. Caught in thought loops but then Iboga would sort of push through them. Like others have said, it feels like your receptors are getting scrubbed.

During this reset, it might be stressful for some people especially those who have been living with massive emotional stress. Iboga runs through the hormone system and flushed out a lot of stress hormones. It tunes the organs and body systems in such a real and healing way. It is incredibly uncomfortable as one can feel all the buildup of stress hormones running through the body. At times sexual maturity always felt stunted. You can feel the power in your sexual organs.


Factors influencing ibogaine experience

The quality and intensity of your hallucinations will greatly depend on how much iboga you have consumed. Unlike entheogens such as ayahuasca and psilocybin mushrooms, which are known to show completely different realities, iboga visuals are mostly an expression of your subconscious and resemble a lucid dream more than hyper-dimensional alternate universes.

It can be described as if iboga holds a blueprint for humanity. It shows us what It is to be human. It grounds us. It shows us what It is to belong to the earth.

It shows visions of humanity and what a sustainable society will look like. During this experience, it is important trying to get your heart rate down and Concentrate on your breath, not letting your thoughts give in to fear. At one point you will begin to go into your childhood and see yourself as a newborn, crying and needy and in pain. You might see many images of your childhood. At one point your body might start vibrating with energy.

Hands cramped and arms stiffened it will feel like an electric shock going through the body, but more natural than being shocked. Going further, the soul can often witness the entire succession of events in which these unhelpful mechanisms were established. Seeing how they were formed, took root, developed, fortified, and adapted often provides sufficient insight for the individual to understand how to undo them. This is why iboga is so effective at curing drug addictions. With iboga, you don’t get a choice. You must surrender and accept its lessons, or you’ll be in for one hell of a trip.

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