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Drug AddictionWho Is An Addict And Why Do People Get Addicted

Who Is An Addict And Why Do People Get Addicted

Hello there, my name is PAUL today we shall be looking at who is an addict and why people get addicted to drugs or whatever they may be addicted to.

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So a dictionary definition of an addict reads thus a person with an uncontrolled compulsion to continue engaging in an activity despite suffering negative personal or professional consequences: If you say that someone is an addict, you mean that they like a particular activity or substance very much and spend as much time doing it as they can. In this context of ours, an addict is a man or woman whose life is controlled by drugs. Perhaps you admit you have a problem with drugs, but you don’t consider yourself an addict. Everyone has preconceived ideas about what or who an addict is. There is nothing shameful about being an addict once you begin to take positive actions to get yourself clean from the substance or whatever thing you may be addicted to.

Most of the time people tend to get involved in drugs on their own due to certain conditions that they may be going through in their life or family. I mean those who are addicted tend to lie to doctors about a certain condition just to get a prescription drug that is addictive while others go as far as stealing in order to get their hands on the drugs. From one drug, they tend to move to another in a bid to counter the effects of the other

This is most cases makes them reliable and dependent on these drugs which makes them addicted to them and exposed to a lot of dangers like getting arrested or even death in a worst-case scenario. When someone becomes an addict, they use all means possible to get the substance they are addicted to no matter the cost. Even if they can’t afford it, they will seek financial assistance from friends or family members with some lying to them about what they want to do with the money putting their addiction ahead of their financial responsibilities.

When you become addicted to these drugs a trip to the rehab center is unavoidable for those who have the willingness to accept that they are suffering from addiction while jail cells welcome those who are adamant and won’t quit using especially illegal substances. Once into drugs, it may feel impossible or difficult for an addict to stop using them cause the brain has been rewired by the drug especially cocaine and other meths.

Now let’s look at why some people get addicted to drugs and other things.

Abstaining from drugs and alcohol is the best way to prevent addiction because no one knows for sure whether or not a person will become addicted to these substances. That being said, there are some factors that influence a person’s risk of addiction. Here we are gonna be talking about Biology, environment, and development which are the 3 biggest risk factors for addiction, According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse: Addiction runs in families. It also states that “The genes that people are born with account for about half of a person’s risk for addiction.”

If addiction is present in your family history, your risk for substance use disorder may be higher. You are also more susceptible to addiction if you have another mental illness. Mental health conditions are also passed down from generation to generation. When you have an addiction at the same time as another mental health condition, you are dealing with a co-occurring disorder and will need special treatment. Many people use drugs and alcohol as a way to self-medicate, so addressing both problems is incredibly important.

Furthermore, Your surroundings have an enormous impact on your potential for addiction. If you have the right parental guidance, for example, you may be less likely to abuse drugs and/or alcohol. Still, your environment involves more than just your family and friends. Your economic status and general quality of life could play into your likelihood of addiction. Further, peer pressure, physical and sexual abuse, early exposure to drugs, and stress are all factors that increase your risk for addiction.

It’s worth noting that, Sometimes, people turn to drugs and alcohol after a single traumatic event. Also, You can develop an addiction at any age, but you are much more vulnerable to addiction in your teens. When you are young, your brain is not finished developing, and the areas that control decision-making, judgment, and self-control are still forming. Teens are especially prone to trying drugs and more vulnerable to the way substances rewire the brain. The earlier you begin using drugs and/or alcohol, the more likely your substance use will lead to addiction.

Aside from those 3, Surgeries and chronic pain may also influence your risk for addiction because many addictions start when doctors prescribe opioids as part of a pain management program. Opiates are extremely addictive and prescription drug abuse can quickly devolve into heroin addiction.

So let’s conclude by asking and attempting an answer to this question which goes thus, Who can become addicted to drugs? The short answer is that anyone can become an addict. whether you’re young or old, rich or poor, male or female. A lot of us have an idea in our heads about what a person addicted to drugs looks like. But the truth is, anyone can become addicted to drugs.

Addiction is when you feel a strong urge to keep taking a drug, even if it is causing harm. To stop, ask for help. Drug addiction doesn’t depend on your income, your job, age, race, or color. Addiction is a disease of the brain—and it can happen to anyone.

You probably already know that you can become addicted to tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs. But even prescription drugs can be addictive when not taken as directed or when you take medication not prescribed for you. There are scientists who study drug abuse.
Their research has taught us a lot about what makes you more likely to become addicted to drugs. So there is a lot of talk about the plant Iboga and how it can be the next big thing in the fight against drug addiction, yes there is an African proverb that says there is no smoke without fire. This is so because ibogaine has been tested and proven by many in the treatment of drug addiction and is still being used in some countries around the world to treat people with addiction. an online ibogaine store is joining the fight as they are making available iboga products from west Africa to the world to help people who are addicted get clean. So we hope you have been enlightened by this podcast and found our content interesting. Please leave us a comment as we shall be coming to you with much more interesting facts about this fascinating gift of nature to mankind.

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